1. The Olympiadis free and without any purchase obligation.

2. All candidates must be able to read and converse in English.

3. Each registration in theOlympiad is individual, and only one registration per person is allowed during the entire duration of the Olympiad.

4. The Olympiad is open to all individuals i) who have the age required by law in their country of residence to enter this Olympiad (ii) who are currently enrolled in a university medical/dental program.

5. Submitted videos will be reviewed by Elsevier & their expert panel.

6. Each candidate warrants and represents that the information entered during their application to the Olympiad is complete and accurate. Any false, incorrect or incomplete information will automatically result in the application being rejected or the Participant being disqualified from the Olympiad.

7. Participants agree that content submitted as part of the Olympiad may be used in Elsevier marketing materials after it’s close.