What if my college does not appear in the drop-down list of the registration form?

If your college name doesn’t appear in the drop-down list even after putting the first alphabet, please call on +91 9015170761 or write an email to us at indiacontact@elsevier.com

I have registered for EBSO, now what?

Check your inbox. You should receive an email from ‘Elsevier India’ with a password that you would require to login into the test platform. You will have to enter the email id from which you had registered earlier & the password shared by Elsevier to login into the 1st round.

What to do if I do not receive any email with the password?

Firstly, please check your spam/ junk as the email might have been received there due to restrictive settings in your account. In case there’s no email regarding the password, either call on +91 9015170761 or write an email to us at indiacontact@elsevier.com

When does the first-round start?

The first round (test) will be live on the platform during 1st week of September. You will receive an email notification and can take the test at any time in that 10 days window.

How do I know if I make it to the next round?

You will receive an email confirming that you have cleared Round 1.

How can I practice for the Olympiad?

You can access our online tools-Complete Anatomy & ClinicalKey Student & refer to our basic sciences textbooks. Also, there are free resources available on Elsevier Healthcare hub.

Will I receive a certificate for my participation?

A certificate of participation is given to all participants.
A , certificates are given to top 10 winners of the 1st round & the winners of the Olympiad.

Can I tell my school/faculty I am involved?

Yes, this is an academic Olympiad, so your involvement is something to be proud of!